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We’ve put together the most comprehensive template to help you quickly figure out what your book will be about. By asking pointed questions, the template is ordered in nature to take all those gazillion thoughts swirling around in your head and downsize them into a concise outline that will entice a reader into your pocket. This template has been tested and approved by each user. If it works for them, it will  work for you!


Clarify the overall message and mission.


Analyze and discriminate the overall focus of your book.


Generate, plan, and construct the individual points that will ultimately be fleshed out by your knowledge and expertise.

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The template will also be useful for content writers of grants, articles, whitepapers, executive summaries, and more.

About the Author

Peggy Lee Hanson, International Bestselling Author, Publisher, & Speaker, has over thirty years’ experience in all aspects of writing and publishing, including ghostwriting, instructional design, procedural and technical manual development, making her vast knowledge and expertise in demand as an often-asked-for commodity. She has helped publish 50+ books and double that number of authors. 

She is the author of My Life Adventure Series (fiftysomethingThrown Into Transition, and The Acceptance Factor),  and creator of the International bestselling and acclaimed multi-authored series, Courage Under Siege (Volumes 1-6, with #7 in the works), and a contributor to many other books. Peggy Lee has also been featured, quoted, and acknowledged in other authors’ works; even her photo was used on a cover of one! 

Peggy Lee is the CEO and Founder of Courageous Women Publications™, a one-stop shop for all your writing and self-publishing needs. We make your “tell-all” easy to tell all. 

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Peggy Lee lives in Colonie, New York, a suburb of Albany, with her husband of 40+ years. 

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