Your Book Is Calling ... Isn't It Time You Answered?

Do you have a book started or want to write one? 

But you're not sure how to get it going and then stick to it?

Have you dreamed of turning your writing into a reality?

Are you an experienced writer or just starting out?

Does your promise to write keep getting pushed aside?

You Are About To Discover Secrets That
Unleash Your Creativity in Our
Awesome Writing Experience (AWE)!
Release. Relax. Write.

Writing doesn't have to be hard. If you have the right tools. knowledge, and formula it can be rather easy. Yes, Virginia there is a formula to use when writing.

It's not about the creative writing; it's about how to tap into your creativity, a different experience with writing. Many writers have issues, such as, writer's block or overwhelm. Let me show you how to overcome them. 

The following benefits are just a few you will receive in the AWE program:

Better understanding of the writing process.
Stay motivated and committed to your writing goals.
Interactive sessions bolster creativity and hold writer's block at bay.
Get inspiration from others who inspire and give insight.
Having accountability within a community of writers reduces isolation and increases your success.

The AWE Virtual Retreat
Release. Relax. Write.

The proven method that will get your words of wisdom, expertise and important message out to the masses.

Beginning  February 1, 2024.

Meet My Successful Students

Susan Glusica

With her help, I was able to write in excess of 24,000 words during this retreat! Enough for my 2nd book published with PeggyLee.

Nancy Matthews

After having the ideas for my book swirling around in my head for years, PeggyLee gave me the exact guidance, structure and accountability to get my book in motion.

Sue Tabaka-Kritzeck

Until I met PeggyLee writing was something I dabbled in rather than taking it seriously. With her guidance, she showed me how my words could make a difference for someone else.

Taking Applications Now

A Community of Writers

A group of like-minded authors ready for success fueling each other's creativity and motivation

10 Interactive Sessions

Featuring guest presenters that will show you how to amplify and sustain your creativity

Time to Write - Distraction Free

5 full days to create your manuscript in a safe, focused, and supportive container

Once your application is received an appointment will be scheduled at your convenience to discuss the program. 

Hi! I'm PeggyLee Hanson . . .

. . . a multi-time international, bestselling author and publisher.

What lights me up is teaching entrepreneurs tips and tricks to get their books done, once and for all. You've got a story to share that helps others and I'm your guide to get your expertise out there. 

It doesn't have to be hard. In fact, it can be easy! Together, we can turn your scattered thoughts into structured pages and your dream into a reality.

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