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Awesome Writing Experience (AWE)
Release. Relax. Write.
February 1-March 28, 2024
2:00 pm-3:30 pm Eastern

The proven method that will get your words of wisdom, expertise and important message out to the masses.

What's Included

These 10 interactive sessions will have you playing, drawing, and writing . . . 

. . .  to grant you the confidence, clarity, and creativity for success. 

Session 1 - The TARŌFLŌ Experience

Donna Tornillo and Angi Reid present the highly acclaimed event, TARŌFLŌ a single card reading within a group setting that facilitates a multi-card reading for each participant. The specifically designed oil blend unique to the reading offers an additional tool for intentional creation of ongoing growth by vibrationally matching the oil blend with the group reading.

Session 2 - Accessing Your Most Powerful Idea

Be sure to have pen and paper handy or a blank writing file open to take notes, as Gina Edwards take us through The Mind Game of What Wants to Be Written & What Desires to be Shared: Accessing Your Most Powerful Ideas.

Session 3 - What's My Purpose?

The lines will tell the story inside this session with Susan Blanton, Create Your Happy NowSusan discovered happiness and manifesting her best life with meditation through artistic expression and purposefully following her intuition. And now we get to learn from her!

Session 4 - Love Language of Words

For over two decades, Poets & Writers has sponsored Susan Wooldridge’s workshops at more than 80 public libraries. Here, she will take us into a world of words never before experienced! It is an honor to have her as part of this program. 

Session 5 - Your Fascination Factor

Are you bold or artistic or intuitive? Are you revolutionary , adept, or clever? Sue Tabaka-Kritzeck shares how the life you crave and take it to the next level can be yours, with this one powerful ingredient. 

Session 6 - The Practical & Technical

PeggyLee Hanson takes you through writing tips and tricks to help you to feel at ease with the process using templates and formulas. 

Session 7 - It's a Surprise!

This time together will amaze and astound you. It's kept under wraps until the day meet. 

Session 8 - Pre-Writing Questions & Answers

Your questions answered on writing, staying focused, managing self-doubt and more. And then it's time to get writing!

Session 9 - Your Writing Time

5 days of pure, unadulterated writing. We meet every morning for a little inspiration. We then again meet for "afternoon tea" to discuss how your writing is going, if you should want feedback, or anything that has come up for you. 

Session 10 - Celebrations

You did it! You wrote amazing content! This session celebrates you as your share a little of what you wrote.  You have successfully completed the retreat and now can write easily, effortlessly, and more efficiently! 

Materials will be mailed to you prior to the start of class, so register early!

Meet My Successful Students!

Susan Glusica

With her help, I was able to write in excess of 24,000 words during this retreat! Enough for my 2nd book published with PeggyLee.

Nancy Matthews

After having the ideas for my book swirling around in my head for years, PeggyLee gave me the exact guidance, structure and accountability to get my book in motion.

Sue Tabaka-Kritzeck

Until I met PeggyLee writing was something I dabbled in rather than taking it seriously. With her guidance, she showed me how my words could make a difference for someone else.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION 1 - What are the benefits of the virtual retreat? The benefits of participating in the virtual writing retreat include: improved writing skills and a better understanding of the writing process; keeps you motivated and committed to your writing goals; connect with peers and industry professionals, expanding your professional network; the interactive sessions boost creativity and help overcome writer's block; constructive feedback from peers and coaches aids in manuscript improvement; access to writing resources equips you with tools for success; you will make significant progress on their projects during the retreat. The biggest benefit of the retreat is that you could have a book written in the time allotted -- it has been done!
QUESTION 2 - What materials do I need for the virtual retreat? The items needed for your retreat are a working internet, access to the Zoom Meeting client, a viable email address, and materials that will be provided to you before we start the program.  
QUESTION 3 - Will the sessions be recorded in case that I cannot attend? Yes. The sessions will be recorded, that is, if the tech gods are behaving that day. The actual writing sessions will not be recorded, as you will be going off camera to do the writing. 
QUESTION 4 What is the investment of the virtual retreat?  The investment is $1,000.00 down (click the link in the upper right corner of this page) plus six payments of $545.00 each (totaling $4,270.00). The pay-in-full option is $4,000.00 ( Other reasonable payment arrangements will be considered. Contact PeggyLee at or text her at 651-398-6003 for payment arrangements.  A lot of care and expertise have went into the creation and preparation of the event. There are fantastic guest presenters who are excited and willing to share their most valued offerings with you for your success. Materials are supplied so that you can sit back to release, relax, and write
QUESTION 5 - When do I need to register by? You are to register as soon as you are able or by January 25, 2024 to have the necessary materials sent to you in time for the first session on February 1, 2024.
QUESTION 6  - Do you have more questions?  Email me at

Hi! I'm PeggyLee Hanson . . .

. . . a multi-time international, bestselling author and publisher.

What lights me up is teaching entrepreneurs tips and tricks to get their books done, once and for all. You've got a story to share that helps others and I'm your guide to get your expertise out there.

It doesn't have to be hard. In fact, it can be easy! Together, we can turn your scattered thoughts into structured pages and your dream into a reality.

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